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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Getting Started with Rally

After reading our Best Practices and Steps for getting set up you are likely on a great path for success. We did however want to share with you some common mistakes we see in the set up process and how you can avoid them.

1. Bitting off more than you can chew

  • We understand you want to make the most of Rally as quickly as possible but it is important to be realistic about how much time you have to spend on set up. We have seen users set unrealistic expectations for themselves and then doubt their decision to bring on Rally when they weren't able to meet them. Rally is meant to become a part of your business and over time it will become more and more integrated and therefore more and more helpful. We want to work with you to help you realize the goals you have set out while also keeping up with your existing workload.

Let us know how much time you expect to be able to spend setting up Rally each week and we can guide you on where to spend your time to have the biggest impact.

2. Trying to set up all questionnaires/documents before putting any into practice

  • If you have the time to invest upfront in getting as many questionnaires built and documents automated that is great news. That said, we do encourage you to put some of your simpler templates into use before building out the whole library. Often trying them out with "Safe" clients that you trust can help you gain valuable feedback on the process that you can use moving forward as you build new questionnaires. Not only that, but your own feedback and insights as you review and work with the questionnaires being used will help you to adjust and improve questionnaires as you go.

  • It should also be noted that you can set up and begin using a questionnaire before you even automate the document. Sometimes this can help refine the questionnaire before encoding the automated document and save yourself time in the long run.

Put questionnaires into action as they are built to start the flow of feedback that you can use as you build out new questionnaires. It also means you can experience the benefits of Rally sooner than later!

3. Waiting until everything is perfect to launch

  • We call this mistake the Rocket Launch Mentality. We often see firms we work with going through or planning to do a website revamp as they integrate Rally so they can better showcase the features it offers or planning large ad campaigns to promote the Menu of Services. This can be really exciting and we love seeing firms take this initiative, but it can also mean big delays in making Rally accessible to your clients.

  • Building out your business model, website and advertising around Rally is something we encourage you to tackle over time and will definitely help you experience more of the benefits. However, in the meantime, we encourage you to begin sending questionnaires to clients and sharing matter workspaces as soon as possible. There will always be more to improve and you need to start somewhere!

Get questionnaires in the hands of clients as soon as possible. You also want to keep organized notes about your ideas for making the most of Rally and speak with us about them. We can help you determine feasibility and point you in the right direction based on our experience.

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