Displaying Questionnaires in your Menu of Services

Check out this video to learn how to prepare your templates and display them on your Menu of Services. You can also follow the step by step instructions below. 

To display a questionnaire option on the Menu of Services page follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Template containing the questionnaire you intend to have available in your Menu of Services

2. If you have not already published your template, you will need to publish it now so it can be displayed on the Menu of Services page. Learn more about the differences between Draft and Published.


3. Scroll down to the Menu of Services settings on the template page. 

4. Decide if you want to "Instantly share documents with client upon submission". When selected, the Matter Workspace containing any associated documents will be made available to the client immediately after they submit the questionnaire. This can be useful if you trust the client to generate their own documents without having your team review them. We strongly recommend using this setting only if you have a high level of confidence that there are no errors in the template document.

6. Enter a short description (max 100 characters) of the service being offered. This description will appear on the Menu of Services page. The purpose of this description is to briefly explain the offering to an existing or prospective client.

This is how your short description will appear on the Menu of Services Page: 

7. The Service Detail field allows for a longer description to provide further details on the service being offered. This description will be displayed upon selection of the service from the Menu of Services page. This helps to ensure existing or prospective clients have confidence that the service will meet their needs. The Service Detail is also an opportunity to display any relevant disclaimers.

This is how your Service Detail will appear when you click on a specific service from the Menu of Services. If you wish to including formatting in this text, use the Markdown language. Learn more about Markdown. If you have any questions about how this works please connect with us at success@rallylegal.com.

8. If there is a price associated with the service, enter it in the field below. The price will be displayed below the Description and Service Detail in the Menu of Services. If you have connected your account to LawPay the client will be prompted to pay the fee before or after they have completed the questionnaire, depending on your Team Settings.

9. Click Save on the template


10. Now that your template is properly configured as a Service, display it on your Menu of Services by navigating to the Profile Icon in the top right and selecting "Team Settings". 

11. Scroll down to the Menu of Service section.  To navigate to your Menu of Services, click "Copy to Clipboard" and paste this link in your browser's URL bar. Note: To test the entire Menu of Services workflow from a client's perspective, ensure you are logged out of your Firm User account.

12. To customize the layout, click Edit and Arrange -> Edit. From here you can name categories, add templates and rearrange them using the drag and drop functionality. When you are done click Save & Close. See it in action below. 

Note: Not all subscriptions include the Menu of Service feature. If you do not see the above fields in your account please email us at success@rallylegal.com and we can discuss your options. 

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