Rally Terminology

In order to help you better understand each of the terms you will see throughout the onboarding and implementation process we have developed a library of Rally Terminology

Reviewing these terms will help you better navigate the app and ensure we are on the same page as we assist you through training and any support you need. 


Firm User

A Firm User is a user account created for someone working with the firm. Once they receive login credentials they maybe share information with clients, create Matter Workspaces, and much more. Administrator Firm Users may also build and edit templates. 

If you are looking to add more Firm Users to your account, please email us at success@rallynow.io

Client User

A Client User is a user account created in one of two ways. In both of these situations, the client is prompted to enter an email address and create a password, therefore creating their own Client account.

1. A Firm User sends a Matter Questionnaire to the Client

2. The Client begins a Matter Questionnaire from the firm's Menu of Services.

Matter Questionnaire

A Matter Questionnaire is a series of questions you need to ask the client in order to proceed with the matter at hand. The Matter Questionnaire is one of two parts required to create a template in Rally. When building a questionnaire there are many different question types. Learn more about Question Types.

When building the questionnaire, each question requires an assigned ID. This ID will act as a reference to the questionnaire response when encoding the documents that will be generated once the questionnaire is completed.

For example: If you create this question "What is your full legal name?" and created the ID of "clientName", you can then insert this code into the document so that the client name will appear in the desired location. Watch this video for a detailed walkthrough of this process. 

Encoded Document

An encoded document is the desired output document you wish to generate when a specific questionnaire is completed. The document will contain ID's associated with the questionnaire and auto-populate the responses into the applicable locations within the document. Once a document is encoded it will be auto-generated when a questionnaire is complete.

An encoded document is the second part required to create a template.

Matter Template

Matter Templates are a combination of a questionnaire and an encoded document. The questionnaire is built to collect the information needed to populate the document the client requires.

For example: You could have the client complete a questionnaire with the information required to populate a Non-Disclosure Agreement. You can repeat this process as many times as you want with multiple clients using the Non-Disclosure Agreement template you built.

A Matter pertains to the specific task, document, or set of documents completed for a client. A client can have multiple matters associated with their profile.

For example: 
Matter 1 - Create a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
Matter 2 - Create an Employment Contract for a new hire


A matter can be created in one of three ways.

1. A firm user emails a questionnaire to a client and they complete that questionnaire

2. A client fills out a questionnaire from the firm's menu of services

3. A firm user creates a matter on behalf of a client

Once a questionnaire is complete, a matter is created and all information pertaining to that matter (questionnaire responses, documents, file uploads) are all grouped together in the Matter Workspace.

Team Matters

The Team Matters page is simply a list of all Matters that have been created at your firm
. All Matters are accessible by every firm user within your team unless the Matter Workspace permissions policy has been set to "Private".

Matter Workspace

A Matter Workspace is where all the information about a particular matter is stored. By going to Team Matters and selecting a specific matter, you will be directed to that matter's Matter Workspace.

Client Portal

A Client Portal is where you can view all information pertaining to an individual or organization client, such as: 
  • Basic information: Client Name and Address 
  • All matters related to this client 
  • Any shared files

A Client Portal is created as soon as the first Matter is opened. Don't forget that each Client Portal also has an associated client user account so clients can login and see any information that you have chosen to share with them.

Menu of Services (MoS)

The Menu of Services is the list of all Matter Template Questionnaires that a firm has decided new or existing clients will be able to initiate themselves. Note that documents will not automatically be delivered to the client unless you opt into this functionality via the Matter Template Editor. 

Firms can link to the full Menu of Services page on their website or they can link to individual questionnaires directly from their website. We can help you determine which option is best for you. Learn more about how to set up your Menu of Services. 

Note: The menu of services is not included with all subscriptions. If you are not sure if this is included in your account or you would like to add it, please email success@rallylegal.com.


This tab is where you can configure the Menu Of Services by determining which services are displayed and sort them into categories. Services is referring to the different templates/questionnaires you built to make available to your clients.

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