Connect your HelloSign Account

Rally offers an integrated experience with HelloSign and all you need to set it up is a FREE HelloSign account. Rally covers all of the associated fees for sending documents for signatures through the integration. 

Before you can set up the HelloSign integration you will need to build your first template and create a matter from your template.  This article will show you how to get started building your template and this article will show you the different options for opening a New Matter. 

Once you have created a Template and a Matter Workspace, you can follow these steps to set up the integration.  

1. Navigate to the Matter that contains a document you would like to send for signing.

Note: You don't actually have to send the document to set up the integration

2. Once you are in the Matter Workspace, click Send for Signing in the Actions dropdown menu

3. Select which documents from the Matter you would like to send for signing. Check them off and click the checkmark in the bottom right to proceed. 

4. Next you will be asked to log in to your HelloSign Account. 

If you don't already have one you can create an account for free. Remember, you only need a free account for this integration. 

Once you sign in, your account is now connected to Rally moving forward. 

To learn about how to complete the signing process with HelloSign you can check out this article.

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