Team Settings Overview

The team settings tab can be found by clicking your profile icon in the top right of the app. 

The page displays a few options for configuring your firm's account. Here is an overview of each setting: 

Team Setting
LawPay Accounts
Use this to connect your LawPay account to your Rally account. Learn more about how to connect your LawPay account. 

Require Client Payment Before Questionnaire

If there is a price associated with a Matter Template and the firm has connected their LawPay account, payment will be requested of the client immediately after completion of the questionnaire. Use this toggle if you would prefer to have payments processed before the questionnaire is completed.

Link to Menu of Services
Copy the link to your Menu of Services to your clipboard to paste into your browser's URL bar or to integrate it with your website. We recommend you bookmark this page as well for even easier access. Learn more about how to add options to your Menu of Services.

Default Client VisibilityYou can select if you would like all firm users to have default access to all clients, or if they can only gain access by adding them as a collaborator.
Custom Field VisibilityChoose whether or not clients will be able to view and edit custom field values. By default, only firm users will be able to view and edit these fields.
Allow clients to Edit Matter NamesSelect whether or not clients are able to edit Matter Names
Show Entity Information Tab for ClientsSelect whether or not clients are able to see the Entity information on their profile
Show Categories
Decide whether or not you want to see the matter categories in your account

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