What is the difference between Draft and Published mode for templates?

Draft Mode 

We recommend keeping your template in Draft while it is being built and iterated upon before using it with a real matter. 

Published Mode 

We recommend setting your template to Published when you are ready to begin using it.


Here is a breakdown of the functionality offered in each of the modes: 

Draft ModePublished Mode
In-App View
If a template is in draft mode it will show a "Draft" annotation on the list of templates as well as in the New Matters list. This ensures your team knows that this template is not ready for use with clients. Draft templates are only visible by Administrative users.

Once a template is published, the Draft annotation disappears indicating to your team that this template is ready to be used with clients and/or made available through the Menu of Services. The template will then be available to all Firm Users, not just Administrative users.

You can edit in Draft mode

You can edit in Published mode

When testing your template internally, you can continue working from the same Matter Workspace and resubmit the questionnaire each time you make a revision. This helps you avoid filling out a whole new questionnaire each time you make an update and will significantly speed up the testing process.

If you are testing a template in published mode, you will need to create a new matter each time you make a change in order to test the update. 
Pre Existing Matters
If you make a change to the template, any matters already created using the same template will have their questionnaire updated as well. This means if you return to one of these previous matters and select Questionnaire from the options on the left, it will be updated with the revisions made and will ask you to complete any new required questions before submitting again. 

If you make a change to the template or questionnaire, any matters already created will remain unchanged. Only new matters created using this template moving forward will show the changes you have made. 
Menu of Services (applicable to law firms only)
You cannot add a template to the menu of services while it is a Draft.

You can add a template to the Menu of Services once it is Published.

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