Collaborate with Clients in Rally

Rally offers many ways to collaborate with clients to make your life easier. Here are some of the different ways you can work with clients through the Rally portal. 

1. Send Questionnaires 

Whether you are looking to have a new or current client fill out one of your questionnaires, you can send it directly through Rally to their inbox or copy the URL and send the questionnaire in a custom email directly from you.  

Navigate to "New Matter" at the top of your screen and find the questionnaire you wish to send. 

To Send Through Rally:

Click on the paper airplane icon on the far right to begin the process. 

Enter the client's email address and click "Send Questionnaire". If the email address doesn't belong to a client already in the system, the button will say "Invite Client and Send Questionnaire" as it does in the image below. 

To send a Questionnaire link manually:

When sending a Questionnaire to a client, you may wish to include additional details or instructions as well as maintain control over the entire email experience. Now, you can access direct links to Questionnaires and send them to your client however you want!

On the New Matter page you will see a clipboard icon beside all Published templates. Clicking the icon will copy a direct link to the Questionnaire to your clipboard. 

The link can then be pasted into a client email (or other form of communication). When the client selects the link, they will be brought straight to the relevant Questionnaire. 

Note: You can only copy a link to a Questionnaire that is part of a Published Template. If you don't see the clipboard, ensure the Template is Published and not in Draft mode. 

2. Share the Matter Workspace 

Once a client submits a questionnaire and you have completed your review of the generated documents or uploaded additional files, you can click "Share with Client" within a Matter Workspace to make it available for your client to review.

You will have the option to notify the client by email and include a custom message. When ready, click "Confirm" and the Matter Workspace will be shared. 

You may click "Revoke Client Access" at any time if you wish to stop sharing the matter files by selecting the option from the Action dropdown on that particuar matter. 

3. Share Other Pertinent Documents 

In addition to sharing the automated documents that are generated from the questionnaires or added to the Matter Workspace, you can also share other pertinent files. This could be anything from a minute book to uploaded photos of driver's licenses for KYC.

Share documents with the client in their Portal by clicking "Clients" in the navigation bar, finding the client you want to share a document with, and then uploading the documents to the Files section on the bottom right of their profile (or by using the Files tab in the Portal navigation bar).  

You can also share files directly in the applicable Matter Workspace. Once you share a Matter Workspace with a client (as described in #3 above), the files within that Matter Workspace will be shared with the client as well. 

4. Encourage use of the Request Review button

Clients now have the option from within the Client Portal to request a review of any documents they would like you to look over. Their request will notify the recipient of Rally's notifications and your team can review and revise the documents. 

This comes in handy particularly if a template is displayed on your Menu of Services and you have selected the option to Instantly Share Documents with the Client Upon Submission. The client will then have the option to request further review. 

5. Send for Signing 

When you have a document that is ready to be signed, you can use the HelloSign integration to send the files directly from Rally for signature. It is a great way to quickly request e-signatures and the signed files will appear back in the Matter Workspace keeping everything nice and organized.

Learn how to Connect your HelloSign Account.

Learn more about sending documents for signatures.

6. New Matter/ Menu of Service 

When clients are logged into the portal there is a button called "New Matter" that they can select. 

If you have a Menu of Services set up in your account it will direct them there. Alternatively, if you don't have your Menu of Services set up, they have an option to send you a message about the new matter they want to discuss with you. If you have a questionnaire that matches their needs, you can then send it over to them to complete.

7. Book a Meeting Link

Enable clients to book a meeting directly through the client portal using our Book a Meeting feature. We can set this up to link to a Calendly Link or any other booking link you use. 

Learn how to set up the booking link in your Client Portal

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