Data Table & Entity Question Types

This video will review how you can use the Data Table and Entity Question Types in the questionnaires and encode them into documents. 

Data Tables

These question types store information in such a way that the information must be cycled through in order to be outputted. Consider the following question:

Data Table Question: Who will be the officers of the corporation?

ID: officersTable

Column 1:

Question: Officer's Name

ID: name

Column 2:

Question: Officer's Position

ID: position

To properly encode the Word document template to generate the list of officers, it would be done as in the following example:

The officers are:

{#officersTable}{name}, {position}


If the user submitted the following answers to the question:

Data Table Question: Who will be the officers of the corporation?

Table Entry 1:

Name: Amy Alpha

Position: CEO

Table Entry 2:

Name: Billy Beta

Position: CTO

The output based on the encoding above would be the following:

The officers are:

Amy Alpha, CEO

Billy Beta, CTO

Alternatively, you could put the output into an actual table. The system is intelligent enough to know to create a new row for each officer entered using the following method:

Officer NameOfficer Position


The output would look like this: 

Officer NameOfficer Position 
Amy AlphaCEO
Billy BetaCTO

Calculate the Number of Items in a Table

If you wish to display the total number of Officers that were entered in the table, you can do so by specifying the document output the "Table Length" using the code below. 

Number of Officers: {officersTable.length}

Please check out our article on Questionnaire Question Types for a full list of available question types and links to more great videos like this one!

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