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Create a New Template

1. Once logged in, navigate to the Templates tab in the navigation bar

2. To create a new Template, click Add Template in the top-right corner

3. Assign a name to the Template (e.g. "Employment Agreement" or "Incorporation Questionnaire")

4. Optional: Add a short Description and longer Service Detail to provide more specific information about the Template. These fields are also applicable if you are using the Menu of Services (MoS).

Learn more about making templates visible on the Menu of Services

5. Select whether you would like to Publish to Team.

We recommend keeping this setting on "No - Save this as a draft that only I can see" until you are ready to use the template with Clients.

Learn more about the difference between Published and Draft mode

6. Upload the Word Document Template.

This must be a '.docx' file.

When getting started building your questionnaire, the document you upload doesn't need to be a final draft by any means as it will be a work in progress. To get started so you can save your template, you can upload any .docx file. Note: You won't be able to save the template without a document uploaded.

Once you have uploaded the document, you can click to Open in Word for the Web and make edits from there. Note: You will need a Microsoft 365 subscription to use this feature. 

Learn more on how to encode Word Documents

7 . Build the associated questionnaire using the Questionnaire Builder.

    Learn more about Question Types

8. Click Save to save your template.

9. To modify an existing template, navigate to the Templates tab and select an existing template.

Learn more about building your first template and question through our video tutorial.

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