Building Questionnaires


When creating a new Template, the Questionnaire Builder will initially display a single Section. Sections are groups of Questions. Breaking up questionnaires into Sections can make lengthy questionnaires more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Each section will become a new page on the questionnaire. The user will only see questions pertaining to the current section and the new section will be displayed when they click "Next". They can always navigate back to previous sections as well.

Every questionnaire must include at least one Section and each section must be given a Section Title. To delete a Section, click the red Trash icon in the top-right corner of the Section.

Here are some examples of sections you might use choose to include:

  • General Contact Information - Ask for information like Name, Phone, and Address.
  • Business Information - Include questions like, "What type of business is it?", "When was it founded?" "What is the business address?"
  • Shareholder Information - Include questions like, "What are the names of the Shareholders?", "What percentage do they own?"


To add a question to your questionnaire, click the Add Question button. This will reveal a list of Question Types to select from. Hover over a question type to view its description.

Learn More about Question Types.

Upon selecting a Question Type, more specific information about the Question will be required. Every Question Type requires you to complete the following fields:

  • Question: The text of the question that you wish to ask.

    • E.g. "What is the employee's full legal name?" or "What is the mailing address of the Corporation?"

  • ID: This is a unique identifier for the question that is used to reference the provided answer.

    • An ID should never include special characters or whitespace. We recommend using Camel case for all IDs (see below).
      • Camel case is the practice of writing phrases such that each word or abbreviation in the middle of the phrase begins with a capital letter, with no intervening spaces or punctuation (e.g. name, employeeName or companyAddress). Using this method consistently will help you when encoding the documents associated with the questionnaire.

  • Helper Text (optional): Every question type (except for Note) allows for a Helper. Helpers are additional pieces of educational or contextual content that accompany Questions, making the questionnaire more user-friendly for both legal team members and clients. They appear below the question in a smaller font.

By default, new questions require that a questionnaire-filler provides an answer before being allowed to submit the questionnaire. To make questions optional, uncheck the Required box.

To delete a Question, click the red Trash icon in the top-right corner of the Question.

Visibility Conditions 

Sometimes, you may wish for certain questions to appear only when previous questions have been answers a certain way.

Learn more about adding visibility conditions to your questions. 

Re-Ordering Questions and Sections

To revise the order in which Questions or Sections are displayed,  click the 6-dot icon to the left of the Question or Section in the left navigation bar and drag it to the preferred location.

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