Visibility Conditions in Questionnaires

For a great user-experience, it is often ideal to hide certain questions until previously asked questions are answered a certain way. For example, let's say you have two questions:

Question 1 : Will the employee be Full-Time or Part-Time?

ID: employmentType

Question 2: How many hours a week will the employee be expect to work?

ID: hoursWorked

In the example above, it would make sense for Question 2 to be hidden unless the answer to Question 1 was Part-Time. The following steps demonstrate how to achieve this using the Questionnaire Builder.

To hide a question until certain conditions are met:

  1. Click Add Visibility Condition.

  2. Select an Identifier. The list of Identifiers matches the values used in the ID fields of other questions (e.g. employmentType).

  1. Select a value that the question referenced by the Identifier must equal in order for the current question to appear (e.g Part-Time).

By doing this, the second question will only appear if the client selected Part-Time.

You can add as many of these Visibility Conditions as you wish. Visibility Conditions can be removed by clicking the red Trash icon beside the conditions. 

See Visibility Conditions in action below:

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