Using Filters When Encoding Documents

Filters can be used to modify the output of the answers to questions. 

Consider the following question:

Data Table Question: What is the employee's annual salary?

ID: salary

Answer: $60,000

The number is saved in the Rally database as unformatted. If you create the following template:


The output will be: $60000

To format the output as a currency, use the 'currency' filter:

${salary | currency}.  

The output will be:  $60,000.00

Other filters you may use include:

  • uppercase: transforms a phrase to all uppercase letters
    • {ID | uppercase}

  • lowercase: transforms a phrase to all lowercase letters
    • {ID | lowercase}

  • commas: formats a number to include comma thousands separators
    • {ID | commas}

  • numberToWords: converts a number to English words
    • {ID | numberToWords}

  • currency: formats a number to be fixed at 2 decimal places and include comma thousands separators
    • {ID | currency}

  • currencyToWords: formats a number to be fixed at 2 decimal places and then converts the number to English words featuring 'dollars' and 'cents'
    • {ID | currencyToWords}

  • todaysDate: transforms any variable to become the date on which the document was generated
    • {any | todaysDate} = mm, dd, yyyy

  • Date formats: Using January 14th, 2022 as the example  
    • {ID | dashedShort} = mm-dd-yy --> 01-14-22
    • {ID | dashedLong} = mm-dd-yyyy --> 01-14-2022
    • {ID | dotted} = mm.dd.yy --> 01.14.22
    • {ID | formal} = dth day of mmmm, yyyy --> 14th day of January, 2022
    • {ID | day} = dth --> 14th
    • {ID | month} = mmmm --> January
    • {ID | splitDate:'day'} = dd --> 14
    • {ID | splitDate:'month'} = mm --> 01
    • {ID | splitDate:'year'} = yyyy --> 2022

  • checkBox: If you are looking to display a check box in front of a multi-select option on your document, you can enter the multi-select field ID and the specific multi-select option field ID along with the filter. 
    • {fieldID.optionID | checkBox}
      • NOTE: the word checkBox needs to be written out with a capital B, if you use checkbox it will not work, it must be checkBox

Multi-Select Question Example: 

  • Question: "Please check off which appliances are included in the sale" 
  • ID: appliances
  • Options: stove, fridge


  • {appliances.stove | checkBox} Stove
  • {appliances.fridge | checkBox} Fridge


  • Multiple Filters: If you wanted to use the currencyToWords and have those words be capitalized, the filter would look like this:
  • {ID | currencyToWords | uppercase}

If you are looking for a filter that is not represented above, get in touch!

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