How do I connect Rally to my website?

There are two different components of Rally that you can integrate into your website. 

1. Link to Login Page 

Many of our clients will display a link to their branded login page on their website so clients can easily access the Client Portal, share documents, or complete new questionnaires. In order to link the login page to your website create a hyperlink to your custom URL. 


2. Link to Menu of Services Page 

If you want to display offered services on your website, create a hyperlink to your Menu of Services page. From here, clients can view their options and initialize the start of a questionnaire at their leisure. Learn where to find the link to your Menu of Services. 

If you are working to drive new traffic to your website and want to have visitors complete questionnaires from your Menu of Services, we recommend encouraging them to book a consultation first. This consultation will build trust with the prospect and allow them to feel comfortable submitting sensitive information through the questionnaires. Learn more about best practices for your Menu of Services. 

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