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4 Best Practices for Building Questionnaires

When building your questionnaires, we recommend to keep things as clear and simple as possible for your clients. This will make sure they're able to get through the entire workflow without  

1. Limit the number of questions

When building questionnaires, less is often more. Ensure that each question provides meaningful value and that you ask only for the information you need to complete the matter. The shorter and simpler the questionnaire, the more user-friendly they will be for clients. This will ensure that they can get through the entire questionnaire without any trouble. 

2. Avoid legalese

Keep the phrasing of questions as simple as possible and use terms that everyone understands. If you need to use legal jargon, be sure to provide an explanation of what you are looking for or provide examples. 

3. Provide extra context with Helper text

We recommend that for any questions that have the potential to be misinterpreted, rephrasing the question in the helper text will provide additional context the questionnaire filler may need to properly complete the form. This may seem redundant but it is often difficult to predict which questions will confuse clients.

4. Break up long questionnaires with sections

For questionnaires longer than 10 questions, we suggest using sections to breaking them up. Keeping related questions in one section creates can lighten the mental load for clients and streamline the experience. For example, you may create one section that asks for contact information and another section that asks for matter-specific information.

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