Automatically Create Signature Fields in HelloSign

When sending documents for signing through HelloSign, you can easily auto-populate the location of signature, initial and date fields on the document. Using the "Text Tag" method described below, HelloSign will interpret how to auto-populate the desired fields on the document for each of the specified signers. 

There are 4 components to creating a "Text Tag" that lets HelloSign identify the field locations.


1. Field Type: You can auto create each of these types:

Text Tag Value
Field Type
textText field[text|req|signer1|Address]
checkCheckbox field[check|req|signer1|Checkbox]
dateDate field[date|req|signer1|Date of Signing]
initialSigner's Initials field[initial|req|signer1|Spouse's Initials]
sigSigner's Signature field[sig|req|signer1|Signature]

2. Required or Not: You can specify if completing the field is required. If you do not specify this, the default will be required. 

For required, enter: req

For NOT required, enter: noreq

3. Specify Signer: If there are multiple signers, you can specify the location of each required signature by labelling the fields as "signer1", "signer2", etc. When sending the document for signing, add the signers in the correct order in the modal displayed below. For example, the person specified at "Signer 1", should be added first, followed by the details for "Signer 2".

4. Field Name/Label: You can specify a name for the field by typing the field name after the signer number.


Once you have created your Text Tag and verified that it works as expected, you will need to make the font color of the Text Tag is white so that it isn't visible in the output document. If the tag remains visible, you will be able to see it on the final document as shown below in the left-side examples.                                                                

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