Rally Integrations

We are always developing new integrations at Rally. Here is a complete list of the currently available integrations: 


Our Zapier integration enables you to send information such as the Client Name and Matter Name to other applications that are also integrated with Zapier  (e.g. Clio, ActiveCampaign, etc.). 

If you would like to configure the Zapier integration, please email us at success@rallylegal.com and we will be happy to help.


With our LawPay integration, payment screens can be associated with any of your client questionnaires. The payment process can be initiated when you send a questionnaire directly to a client or if they begin a questionnaire from your Menu of Services.

Learn how to set up the LawPay integration


Our HelloSign integration has two main features: 

1. Send documents directly from the Matter Workspace to the clients or other stakeholders for e-signing. The signed documents will be automatically uploaded to the Matter Workspace once completed.

2. Clients now have the option to send documents for signing through the Rally portal. They can either send documents that you have shared with them in the Matter workspace, or they can upload their own documents to send for signing. 

Learn how to set up the HelloSign integration 

Learn how to send documents for signing with HelloSign

Learn how to automatically generate signature and date fields when you send documents for signing

Microsoft Word for the Web

Our integration with Word for the Web enables you to streamline two key workflows within Rally without ever leaving your browser.

  1. Updating Word document templates
  2. Editing generated documents after questionnaires are submitted

Learn more about our Word for the Web integration

Calendly / Booking a Meeting Link

Our Calendly integration enables you provide a calendar booking link for your clients in the Rally portal so that they can quickly book consultations or meetings without picking up a phone or writing an email. You can also display a Calendly Booking Link directly after they submit a questionnaire. If you don't use Calendly but use another calendar book service, let us know as it may be compatible.

To configure this integration, please email success@rallylegal.com with the link you would like to make available in your client portal.  

Learn more about the Calendly Integration

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