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How to Build Client-Specific Templates

If you are building a template that is specific to one client, you can add it directly to their Client Portal to provide them with exclusive access. 

To gain access to this feature, please email success@rallynow.io.

Once this is enabled in your account, you will see a Templates tab in each of your Client Portals. From here you can click "Add Template". 

The main difference when building a Client-Specific Template is that there is no option to add these templates to the Menu of Services. The client will also gain immediate access to the documents when they complete the questionnaire (rather than requiring you to share it with them). Clients will always have the option to "Request Review".

Once you have created templates for a specific client, clicking the "New Matter" button on their profile will present you with the following options: 

You can initiate a matter from your firm's Menu of Services, the list of Client-Specific Templates, or from your firm's internal templates. 

Using any of these options from the Client Portal will automatically assign the client to the Matter.

Client View

Once you create the template, the client will be able to complete the questionnaire and gain immediate access to the associated document(s).

When they click on New Matter from their Client Portal, they will see the following options: 

They can initiate a matter from the firm's standard Menu of Services or start a Matter from a template that is specific to them. If they choose to "Start from Template", they will be brought to a list of their available templates: 

Selecting the template will bring them directly to the questionnaire and completing the questionnaire will generate the document(s). 

The client can then click "Request Review" if they would like the service provider to be notified. 

The client can also send the document for signing using the HelloSign integration as they can with any other shared documents in the portal. 

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