Sorting and Archiving Clients

Sorting Clients

To sort your clients, click on the "sorted by" drop-down to the right of the client search bar. From here you can choose to sort your client list in 2 different ways: 

  • Last Modified - which will display the most recently modified clients at the top of the list. This is currently the default sorting mode for the client list. 
  • Name - Sorting by name will put your clients in Alphabetical order. 

Archiving Clients

To archive clients in your Client list, click the 3 dots on the client you wish to archive and select Archive. 

Once you have archived clients, you can select "Show Archived" next to the search bar to make them visible in the Client list.

The archived clients will display with an "Archived" badge. You may also unarchive any clients currently marked as archived. 

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