Creating Clients

There are severals ways to create clients in Rally depending on your workflow. 

1. Create a client by sending a questionnaire using the Paper Airplane icon

When sending a questionnaire directly to a client using the Paper Airplane icon on the New Matter screen, you will first be prompted to create the client: 

Selecting "Create John Doe" will prompt the display of the email field  it. Then you can click "Create Client and Send Questionnaire". 

2. Sending questionnaires using the Clipboard icon

If you send a questionnaire to a client using the clipboard icon from the New Matter page, the client will be created when the client creates their account and begins to fill in the questionnaire. Only once they create their profile will you see the new client show up in the client tab. 

3. Create a client when filling out a questionnaire internally from the New Matter page 

If you are filling out a template internally for or on behalf of a client, you can create a client in this process as well. After clicking on the template you want to complete from the New Matter page, you will see the option to associate it with a client. 

You can either search to find an existing client or start typing the name of the client you wish to add and click "Create" to add them into your account. 

4. Create a client from the Client tab 

Last but not least, you can create a new client directly from the Client tab in your account. Simply click "Add Client" and enter their information. 

After creating the client through this method, you can invite a primary contact using the banner link at the top of the client profile page. 

From there you can enter the email address of the person you would like to invite to join their Rally account. 


The email they receive looks like the sample below and will prompt them to create a login to their Rally account.

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