Contact Database for Clients

Keep track of all contacts associated with each of your clients right on their Rally profile.

Adding a Contact Field to a Questionnaire

In order to use this feature, when building questionnaires, you will need to use the Contact question type to collect the information. Any information collected through this question type will be stored in the Contacts tab on the client's profile in Rally as shown above.

Note: You can also use the Contact question type when building data tables!

Once you click to add the contact question type, you will see the following settings. Here is how you can create the question:

Click here to learn how to encode the responses to this question type in your automated document. 

Submitting/Updating Contacts Through a Questionnaire

Once you create the question using the Contact type, it will display like this on your questionnaire: 

To complete this question, the user can either click to select from existing contacts, or start typing to create a new one: 

Creating a new contact will prompt you to enter all applicable contact information for that individual/company and store it on the contacts tab in the client's Rally profile.

Selecting an existing contact will populate all of that contact's existing information onto the questionnaire for review. 

Once this information populates, you can update it if anything has changed. Making changes to an existing contact will prompt the following options to appear on the questionnaire:

Selecting "Save Changes to Contact" will save the new information to the contact. Selecting "Restore with Last Saved" will bring back the most recently saved version of the contact's information.

Making no selection here will apply the updated information you entered only to this particular questionnaire and the information saved to the contact will remain as it was before the questionnaire was completed. 

Edit Contacts on the Client's Profile Directly

In addition to being able to make edits to contacts through a questionnaire, both you and your client can update contacts at any time by using the contacts tab on their profile. Simply search for and click on the contact you want to edit, make any necessary changes, and click "Save". 

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