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Adding a "Contact" Question Type to your Questionnaire

Using the Contact question type when building a template questionnaire will enable you to start populating a database of contacts associated with each of your clients right on their Rally profile. 

Adding a Contact Field to a Questionnaire

In order to use this feature, when building questionnaires, you will need to use the Contact question type to collect the information. Any information collected through this question type will be stored in the Contacts tab on the client's profile in Rally as shown above.

Note: You can also use the Contact question type when building data tables!

Once you click to add the contact question type, you will see the following settings. Here is how you can create the question:

Encoding the "Contact" Fields in your Document

Once you have built the question type, you will need to encode the responses in your template document. 

Here is the encoding for each field on the contact. The "id" in each example represents whatever the ID is that you have entered in the ID field above when creating the question. 

Name: {id.name}

Type: {id.type}



{id.address.line2}{/} {id.address.city}, 

{id.address.subnationalDivision1} {id.address.postalCode} 


Email: {id.email}

Phone Number: {id.phone}

For example: If the ID you created was "spouse", you would use the following codes within your document: 

Name: {spouse.name}

Type: {spouse.type}



{spouse.address.line2}{/} {spouse.address.city}, 

{spouse.address.subnationalDivision1} {spouse.address.postalCode} 


Email: {spouse.email}

Phone Number: {spouse.phone}

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