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Blank Matters

Do you have a document created outside of Rally but still want to store it in Rally? You can use Blank Matters to open a Matter Workspace without using a template or completing a questionnaire. 

Follow the steps below to create a Blank Matter:

1. Select the Clients tab at the top of your page.

2. Selec the client for which you'd like to open the Blank Matter.

3. Select 'New Matter' in the top-right of the client Dasbhoard.

4. Select "new Blank Matter", give it a name, and select "Save and Continue'.

NOTE: The name you choose for your Blank Matter will appear in the client Dashboard:

Examples of Matter names could be Trademark Registration - ACME Corp or Power of Attorney, Engagement Agreement - ACME Corp, etc. Name it so you can easily recognize what is included in the matter. 

5. Once you have saved your Blank Matter, upload the document(s) and, if applicable, send it for signing. 

To upload a document, click the plus sign under Matter Files on the right-hand side.

Now that you have uploaded your file, your document will be generated and available to send.

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