Firm Clients - Starting New Matters in Rally

To start a New Matter in your Rally account you can click on "New Matter" from your client dashboard. In that dropdown, you will see a few different options. 

Select Service 

This option will allow you to choose to kick off a matter from the Menu of Service options. Clicking here will take you to a menu where you can see the available options and select what you would like to get started with. 

Clicking on the menu option and then clicking "Get Started" will take you to the questionnaire for the selected matter. 

Note: Not all firms/businesses have a menu of services available, so if this option isn't there, don't worry about it!

In some cases, a document might be immediately available for you to review while in other cases, the service provider will be assembling the associated documentation or processing the matter, as necessary, and then sharing information with you at a later date. 

If the document is shared with you immediately, you do have the option to request a review of it using the button circled below. Your service provider will be notified and can begin the review. 

Once you have access to your documents, you also have the option to send documents for signing through our HelloSign integration. Click here to learn how to send documents for singing.

Start from Template


After selecting "Start from Template" you will be brought to a list of available templates curated just for you. 

By selecting the template you would like to use to kick-off your matter, you will be brought to the template questionnaire. Fill out the questionnaire and, upon submission, the questionnaire will immediately generate the associated documents for your review. 

From here, you have the option to request a review from your service provider. 

You also have the option to send documents for eSigning through our HelloSign integration. Learn how to send documents for singing.

Note: This option may not be enabled for your account. Contact your Service Provider to request custom templates. 

New Blank Matter 

Choosing this option will enable you to create a new blank matter and create a name for it. You can then proceed to upload any files that pertain to this matter and your service provider will be able to see them as well. 

Feel free to create a blank matter for anything you want to be able to easily refer to in your list of matters within Rally. This could include employment agreements for each of your employees, corporation documents, shareholder agreements, etc. 

You can also create a blank matter and upload a document you would like to send for signing using our HelloSign integration. Simply create the blank matter, upload the document and select "Send for signing" to follow the steps. Click here to learn more about this process.

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