Using Dropbox Sign for Signatures

Once you have opened a Matter and are ready to send related documents for signing, you can follow the steps below. If you aren't sure how to start a new matter, check out this article explaining the available options. 

1. Select the Matter that contains documents you wish to send for signing. 

2. Select the document you want to send in the Matter Files section on the right. If you need to make any revisions, click "Open in Word for the web" and make the necessary edits. The changes will automatically be saved to your Matter. Note: You will need to refresh Rally to view the changes.

3. When the document is ready, click Send for Signing on the left side of the page next to Signature Requests. Alternatively, you can select Send for Signing from the Actions drop-down menu on the right. 

4. You will be prompted to select the documents you want to send for signing. Check them off and click the checkmark in the bottom right to proceed. 

5. Next, enter the names and emails of the individuals you need to send the documents to for signing. You can enter up to 20 names by selecting "Add another signer". 

6. Add signature fields to the document where required. Click the "Signature" option on the left and then select the appropriate location on the document. If you have multiple signatories, you can select the signer for the field you are adding from the dropdown "Signers" option on the left. 

7. You can also include other types of fields for the signatories to complete such as Date, Name, or Company (highlighted in yellow). Select the field and choose where you want to place it on the document. 

8. Once you have finished placing the fields, click "Next" in the bottom right corner. 

9. You will then see the screen below, enabling you to enter email addresses that should be cc'd on the notifications. You can also specify the subject line and content of the email that is delivered. When done, select "Send for signature" in the bottom right and the signatories will then receive an email requesting that they sign the document. 

10. Once documents are sent for signatures, you may send reminder emails as needed. From the Matter Workspace, click the three dots next to the "Awaiting Signature" status and then select the down arrow to view more information. From here you can click "Remind" to trigger a reminder email. 

Note: The reminder option will only be available one hour after a signature request is sent. 

11. Once the signatories have signed the documents, a folder containing the signed documents will automatically be uploaded to the Matter Workspace. 

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