As a firm client, how does Rally help me manage my legals?

Rally is designed to be the main source for all of your legal information. It provides an easy way to collaborate with your service provider (attorney) on any previous, new, or future legal matters. 

Here are a few ways that Rally can help:

1. Organize existing legal information

In order to maintain a single place to store all of your legal documents, you can upload information using our Blank Matter feature. This enables you to create a Matter and upload any associated files with it. They will all be shared with your service provider as you upload them. They may upload some of your historical files as well to keep everything in one place moving forward. 

Click here to learn how to create a "New Blank Matter". 

2. Refer to previous legal matters 

Once your historical data has been uploaded to Rally, you can log in and find the information you are looking for from your matters list.

3. Kick-off new legal matters

For any new legal matters, you can get started directly in Rally. There are a number of ways you can kick off a new legal matter, depending on what you need. 

In some cases, your service provider may have created a questionnaire that immediately generates a document once completed. This is helpful for things like an employment agreement or non-disclosure agreement as the document template remains the same, with only some specific information or clauses changing each time. By setting up and using these templates, both you and your service provider can save a lot of time and complete matters in record time. 

In other cases, there may be a Menu of Services to select from. This allows for a streamlined way for your service provider to gather preliminary information without needing to meet first.

There is also the option to create a Blank Matter as specified above. This can be used for any matter type that doesn't have a related template or for uploading documents you want to send for signing. 

Click here to learn how to start new legal matters.

4. Sending documents for signing

Any documents that you want to send for signing can be sent through the integration with HelloSign. All you need is a FREE HelloSign account. 

Click here to learn how to send documents for signing through HelloSign.

5. Carrying forward information


Depending on your business, you may have information that is applicable to a number of your current and future legal matters such as your business number, shareholder, or jurisdiction information. You can speak to your service provider about having that information pre-populated in any new questionnaires to help save you time. 

6. Creating a contacts database


As you complete questionnaires and enter contact information for the different parties associated with your business, a contacts database is generated. Those contacts can then be easily recalled in new questionnaires to reduce data re-entry. You are also able to make changes to the contacts from within the questionnaires or within the contacts section of your client profile. 

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