Version Control

Whenever a document in a Matter Workspace has been updated or overwritten with a file that has the exact same name, a new version of the document is saved. Rally allows you to view and restore document versions with Version Control

1. See Version History

You will see an information icon in the document previewer as shown in the image below:

Click on this icon to view the properties of this document (who the owner is, when it was created, when it was last modified, etc.). 

You will see a link that will display how many saved versions there are of the active document.

Click on this link to see the history of each saved version. The current version will always be identified at the top.

2. Review Previous Versions

To review previous versions, just double-click on the version you wish to review. It will then open that version in the previewer.

3. Restore Previous Version

Rally makes it easy for you to restore to a previously saved version. 
When you are viewing the Version history, click the three dots next to the version you wish to restore. Choose Make Current.

The version you restore remains where it is and a duplicate is created to become the current version. 

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