Client Collaborators

Rally allows firm users to mark clients as private, preventing other firm users from having access to their matters and information. 

NOTE: Administrators will always have access to all clients, even when they are marked as private. 

Setting a Client as Private

As an administrator, navigate to Clients and select the client name you want to mark as Private. From the client dashboard, click Settings: 

From within the Settings tab, select 'Manage Members':

Select Legal Team:

From within the Legal Team section, you can view the current status of the client  (Public or Private). The default visibility is determined by the Default Client Visibility setting from within the Team Settings section.

Select 'Make Private' to set this client to Private: 

Add the legal team member that should have access to this client by selecting their email address in the 'Add Legal Team Member' section.

NOTE: Only firm users with administrator privileges can grant and revoke access to clients.

Setting clients back Public

At any time you can set a client profile back to Public by selecting on Make Public to [your firm name].

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