Entity Information and Custom Fields

Rally allows you to configure reusable fields that can be shared across questionnaires so you (or your clients) do not have to re-enter the same information. For example; client address, email, entity name, entity type, etc. are fields that can be re-used between questionnaires. 

Entity Information vs Custom Fields

Entity fields are a predefined set of fields provided by Rally that can be used to auto-populate questionnaires. 

Custom Fields let you save additional information about each client that can be used to auto-populate questionnaires. You will decide if questions should become Custom Fields. 


How to Use Entity Fields in Questionnaires

A gear icon will be visible when adding a question to a questionnaire. Selecting the icon will reveal the 'Link to Data Field' option.

After selecting the Link to Data field option, a pop-up will display the list of Entity fields. Select the one you want to link to the question. 

List of entity fields:

- Entity Name

- Entity Type

- Entity Registration Number
- Entity Status
- Primary Phone Number

- Primary Email
- Primary Business Address
- Mailing Address
- Mailing Address Same as Primary Business Address
- Registered Agent Name

- Registered Office/Registered Agent Address
- Trade Names
- Description of Business
- Home Jurisdiction

- Tax ID
- Formation Date

- Fiscal Year-End

- Annual General Meeting Deadline

- Accountant Name
- Accountant Address

- Minimum Number of Directors

- Maximum Number of Directors

- Authorized Share Capital

- Restrictions on Share Capital

- Transfer Restrictions

Using Entity Information Fields in Templates

As the entity fields are predefined, you can use specific tags in your templates to use this information rather than setting up new questions or hard-coding the details. By utilizing the Entity information tags, you'll only need to update the details under the Information tab to ensure all future documents will use the updated information. 

Below is a list of the field tags for each of the Entity fields. You can use any of the following items to output Entity Information in templates:

  Name: {entity.name}

  Trade Names: {entity.tradeNames}

  Description of Business: {entity.descriptionOfBusiness}

  Jurisdiction: {entity.homeJurisdiction}

  Operation Jurisdictions: {entity.operatingJurisdictions}

  Entity Type: {entity.entityType}

  Registration Number: {entity.entityRegistrationNumber}

  Registered Agent Name: {entity.registeredAgentName}

  Registered Agent Address: {entity.registeredAgentAddress}

  Primary Address: {entity.primaryAddress}

  Mailing Address: {entity.mailingAddress}

  Primary Phone: {entity.primaryPhone}

  Primary Email: {entity.primaryEmail}

  Tax ID: {entity.taxId}

  Formation Date: {entity.formationDate}

  Fiscal Year End: {entity.fiscalYearEnd}

  Entity Status: {entity.entityStatus}

  AGM Deadline: {entity.agmDeadline}

  Account Name: {entity.accountantName}

  Account Address: {entity.accountantAddress}

  Minimum Number of Directors: {entity.minimumNumberOfDirectors}

  Maximum Number of Directors: {entity.maximumNumberOfDirectors}

  Authorized Share Captial: {entity.authorizedShareCapital}

  Restrictions on Share Capital: {entity.restrictionsOnShareCapital}

  Transfer Restrictions: {entity.transferRestrictions}


How to create Custom Fields

A gear icon will be visible when adding a question to a questionnaire. Selecting the icon will reveal the 'Link to Data Field' option.

Next, select 'Create New Custom Field'. 

Once created, the custom field will be visible under your clients' Information tab. As you build additional questionnaires, you'll be able to use this custom field by following the steps above to link the fields. This will ensure that the questionnaire field will auto-populate with the information Rally has saved about the client. 

Note that Custom Fields are stored at the firm level and so all clients will see all Custom Fields.

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