Organization Team Member Permissions

Organization Team Member Permissions allow for more control over what specific users can do or see.  

Firm Invite 

When inviting an organization team member to collaborate on Rally, enter their email address. After clicking  "Add", you will be requested to confirm the permissions for the new user.

There are two types of permissions; "Allow access to" and "Give permission to"
"Allow access to" permissions will determine if the user has access to all Matters and Templates or only specific categories of Matters and Templates.

The options under "Give permission to"  identify what actions a user can take within Rally.


Editing User Permission

To modify a user's permission set, navigate to the Client organization, select Settings, select Manage  Members and choose Edit beside the user's email address.

Who can set and edit permissions?

Any admin user can edit permissions. Additionally, any user that has the permission 'Can manage team members and permissions' will be able to edit permissions.

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