Automatically Assign Signers to Signature Request

Automatically assigning Signers to signature requests will eliminate the step of entering signer information when sending documents for eSigning with our HelloSign integration.

Signer Configuration

When sending documents for signing through HelloSign, you can choose to auto-populate the signer. Using the "Contact" field type question, you can set the Signer Configuration to the appropriate signer number (for example, Signer 1). 

Once set, use a text tag in the template document (e.g. [sig|req|signer1|Signature]) to auto-populate the location of the signature. You will no longer have to fill out signer information when sending documents for eSignatures through HelloSign. 


1. On your questionnaire, choose the Contact question type. Learn more about Contact Question Types.

2. Enter your question, ID, and Helper text (if applicable), then select which fields you need to include in the question.

3. Under Signer Configuration, select which signer number this contact should represent; Signer 1, Signer 2, Signer 3, etc. 

4. In the template document, be sure you enter the correct HelloSign text tag for this signer. For example, if you set this contact to Signer 1, you would enter [sig|req|signer1|Signature] for the text tag. If you chose Signer 2, you would enter [sig|req|signer2|Signature]. Make sure to adjust the text tag font color to white so that it's not visible in the output document. 

5. Generate a document with the template and select "Send for Signing" from the Actions menu. You will be immediately directed to the signature field configuration screen.

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