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Automatically Assign Signers to Signature Request

Automatically assigning Signers to signature requests will eliminate the step of choosing/entering the signers when sending for signing through Hellosign.

Signer Configuration

When sending documents for signing through HelloSign, you can choose to auto-populate the signer. Using the "Contact" field type question, you can set the Signer Configuration to the signer number they should be (for example, signer 1). 

When you have this set, combined with the text tag (e.g. [sig|req|signer1|Signature]) to auto-populate the location of the signature, you will not have to enter/select the signers when sending for signature through Hellosign. 


1. On your questionnaire, choose the Contact question type. Learn more about Contact Question Types.

2. Enter your question, ID, and Helper text (if applicable), then choose what fields you need to collect on the contact

3. Under Signer Configuration, choose which signer this contact should be; Signer 1, Signer 2, Signer 3, etc. 

4. On the output document, be sure you enter the right text tag for this signer. For example, if you set this contact to Signer 1, you would enter [sig|req|signer1|Signature] for the text tag. If you chose Signer 2, you would enter [sig|req|signer2|Signature].

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