HubSpot Integration

Connect HubSpot and Rally

To integrate Rally with your HubSpot account, you will need your HubSpot login credentials.

Note: this integration is currently available for Business accounts only. We are looking to expand this to be available for firm accounts in the future.

When ready, follow the steps below to connect.

    1. Log in to Rally

    2. Navigate to "Team Settings" in the navigation bar


    3. Select Connect with HubSpot


    4. Choose the appropriate HubSpot account (or log in if you are not currently logged into HubSpot)


5. Select Connect App 

You will then return to Rally and be notified that you've successfully connected to HubSpot.

Creating Matters from HubSpot

Once your HubSpot account is connected to Rally, you can navigate to any HubSpot deal. On the right-hand sidebar, scroll down until you see the Rally | Docs & ESigning block (Note: we recommend dragging this block higher up for easier access)

1. Click Create Document 

2. If you are not logged into your Rally account, you will be asked to log in.

When logged in, simply select the template you want to use.

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