Rally's Search allows you to quickly and easily navigate to an existing Matter, Template, or Contact. Find the Search icon in the navigation bar at the top of your screen or use ⌘ + K (Mac)/Ctrl + K (PC). 

You can see a couple of areas that you can easily click on to search in that specific area; Templates, Matters, Contacts, and Clients. However, the default will be 'All' so you can start to type and get a list of items that match your search:

Your results will show each result and what category they fall under. Click on the result and you will be brought directly to that page. 

Common Ways to use Search:

Quickly start a new Matter:

In the command bar, type the name of the template and click enter. It will open the page for you to begin a new Matter.

Find a Contact or Client:

From anywhere in Rally, open your Command Bar. Type the name and hit enter. This will open the client profile.

Find a Matter:

Open your Command bar and search any word related to a specific matter. It will show you a list of Matters matching that word, allowing you to choose the one you need and open that Matter.

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