Command Bar

You can access key functions in Rally by typing ⌘ + K (Mac)/Ctrl + K (PC) from your keyboard. 

From your dashboard, you can start a New Matter and from within a Matter Workspace, you can Send for Signing, add a Contact, Mark Complete, and more. 

When you open the command bar, use your arrows to move up and down. Once on the action you want to take, hit enter.  

Send for Signing: this will open the window for selecting the files to send for signing through Hellosign

Add Associated Contact: this will open a window for you to search/find a contact to associate with this matter

Note: the contact needs to already exist to add them

Mark As Complete/Mark as In Progress: mark this matter as complete. If the Matter is already marked as completed, this option will show as Mark As In Progress

Grant Client Access/Revoke Client Access: This will give the client access to the matter. You'll be able to send an email with a message. If the client has already been granted access, this will say Revoke Client Access

Edit Questionnaire: this will take you back into the questionnaire to make any adjustments or edits

Logout: log out of the app

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